Applied BioLogics

Tackling PSP

Applied BioLogics and MS at Stowe BioTherapy

It is suspected that PSP,, has an underlying infection or virus that triggers the disease process. It will be critical to eliminate the viral infection for anyone who hopes to recover from the disease.  It will also be necessary to remove the accumulation of environmental toxins (heavy metals, neurotoxins, insecticides, chemical exposures, et al) that are accelerating the production of free radicals that destroy tissue function and can lead to abnormal tangles or protein folding. It is the ability of the Stowe Foundation to make custom compounded vaccines, custom compounded transfer factors and custom compounded clathrating agents for detoxification that give us the ability to actually implement a protocol of Regenerative Medicine that is personalized to the patient not to the disease.

I have attached the memorandums on how the Stowe Foundation handles the pathogens and toxins that are the trigger mechanism behind chronic illness in all of its forms. PSP falls in this category.  Once the trigger mechanisms are eliminated, adult stem cells can be used to repair the tissue damage.  The concept is to use Applied BioLogics to push the disease process into remission and then grow new tissue and restore function using bone marrow derived adult stem cells supplemented with genetically matched umbilical cord stem cells. Applied BioLogics combined with Stem Cell Therapy is called Regenerative Medicine. It will take all of the Stowe Foundation tools including detoxification and veritable energy medicine to engineer a protocol for PSP.  These are the same tools required to reverse the complications of diabetes.

This is a new disease for us to tackle, but we may be the only hope and we will certainly do no harm to the patient.  The final protocol might very well look like our approach to Parkinson's which causes symptoms very similar to PSP.  The immune regulation vaccine discussed in the memo on vaccines has proven to be an effective tool in controlling the symptoms of neurological conditions such as MS, ALS and Parkinson's.  It has recently achieved orphan drug status in Europe.

Our ability to make patient specific transfer factors from blood samples (or custom compounded transfer factors) combined with Dr. Altura's HDFx in the Stowe Foundation molecular biology labs can be translated into a Universal Oral Vaccine for the virus behind PSP. We could repeat the process for the H1N1 virus, the Avian Flu virus, the HIV virus (AIDS), the HPV virus (Cervical Cancer), and the EBV virus (Lupus, Fibromyalgia) Every chronic illness has an underlying pathogen as the trigger mechanism and sometimes multiple pathogens. Our custom compounded transfer factors can simultaneously handle multiple strains of pathogens. Because we actually harvest the pathogens from blood samples and tissue samples we do not need to know in advance the suite of pathogens causing the problem.  The transfer factors might eventually be mass distributed as a protective mechanism against a broad spectrum of chronic illness.

The human immune system can be trained to recognize attack and destroy all variety of invading pathogens and abnormal cells such as cancer cells or cells with altered receptor sites.  The invading pathogens or infectious microorganisms are the "I" of the PITTS syndrome. Applied BioLogics treats or reverses the PITTS Syndrome using comprehensive immune therapy. Since most chronic illness is triggered by the "I" and accelerated by the first "T" (environmental toxins) of the PITTS Syndrome, we are zeroing in on a new answer to treating chronic illness and auto-immune disorders. The technology behind Applied BioLogics, Veritable Energy Medicine and Human Cell Therapy has been created over the last twenty years. The three protocols combine to deliver Regenerative Medicine.

The next step is to raise the money it takes to prove the therapeutic benefits of Regenerative Medicine through outcome based studies.  Outcome based studies on the combined protocols simply require money to build the facilities and purchase the medical devices plus hire and train the manpower.  The critical medical components all have the appropriate FDA certifications to be used in an outcome based study. The UT medical school at Houston is prepared to join the Stowe Foundation in a collaborative effort to build America's first Research Center for Regenerative Medicine. This will lead medicine into 21st Century Health-care by conducting the outcome based studies that establish a new standard of care for all Americans.