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Self care for Covid 19 and all the variants.

I get a lot of questions from both the vaccinated and unvaccinated about self care for Covid 19 and all the variants. The first answer: always know a doctor or hospital that will treat you with Sotrovimab. An internet search should provide the answer to availability or make a few phone calls. Do not wait until you have an active infection to have a game plan. Many doctors are not aware of Sotrovimab. It has Emergency Use Authorization status (EUA) from the FDA as a therapeutic for an active infection. But Sotrovimab is vastly underutilized in treating the Pandemic.

My second answer: consider enhancing the activity of the Natural Killer Cells of the immune system to improve the Cell Mediated Immune Response to a viral infection. The key phrases can all be Googled. The product I use for this purpose: 4Life Transfer Factor Plus Tri-Factor Formula with Zinc. Compliment the transfer factors with a quality Vitamin D supplement and Quercetin. Even Dr. Fauci takes Vitamin D. The Vitamin D and the Quercetin can be obtained at a health food store or vitamin supplement store.

Third answer: investigate the use of Off Label therapeutics. There may be a doctor in your area that is willing to prescribe off-label therapeutics such as Hydroxychloroquine with zinc , a z-pack and Vitamin C and/or Ivermectin is used off-label by a number of doctors. Here is a starting point for the investigation.


Telehealth websites

If you go the Telehealth route, you can have the off-label therapeutics on hand in advance of an infection.


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