The Stowe Foundation Team


Professional and Executive Summary

Extensive executive and entrepreneurial experience in Biotechnology and Petroleum Industries; from conceptual patent to commercialization. Executive experience includes being Managing Director of a healthcare Public Charity and a private non-profit medical research foundation. Served as CSO in both a small public Biotech Company and a small private Energy Company. Professional career in the Oil and Gas Sector includes technology consulting for Fortune 500 companies and serving as senior research engineer for Mobil Oil R&D. Key skills include:

  • Translating R&D into Profitable Technology
  • Communicating the Vision
  • Building Strategic Partnerships
  • Optimizing the use of Resources
  • Solving Difficult Problems in Real Time
  • Raising Operating Capital

Professional Career Highlights

Stowe Foundation 501c3 Public Charity – 2003 to 2011
Regenerative Medicine
Developed an investigational human cell therapy program for reversing the complications of diabetes, Assisted strategic partner Chisolm Biological Labs to develop patient specific transfer factors for personalized medicine. Interacted with Harvest Technologies Corp on autologous bone marrow concentrates for use in adult stem cell therapy. Financed Charles River Labs to conduct canine cardiac studies of adult stem cells and sponsored Cornell University to publish equine study using adult stem cells to repair damaged cartilage. Initiated human cardiac care study in Mexico using adult stem cells.

Ultrasonic Green Process for Environmental Remediation of Sludge
The Ultrasonic Green Process converts sludge and all other forms of emulsified oil into marketable crude oil, pure water and toxic free solids. The technology has been licensed to Oil Reclamation and Production Services, LLC for commercial operations and reached Tier I status during the BP Gulf Oil spill of 2010. The Foundation will receive on-going royalties

Proton Water for Cellular Hydration
Developed the technology platform to produce HYDRATE8X, structured water that accelerates water absorption and nutrient delivery into the cells of living organisms: plant, animal and human. The water was tested in a human clinical trial to FDA standards and proved that HYDRATE8X hydrated the body 8 times more efficiently than tap water, bottled water (Dasani) and fitness water (Propel). The Foundation is looking for commercial development partners in the beverage industry and the agricultural sector. A small field test demonstrated that proton water could accelerate the growth of Algae a renewable source of oil, transportation fuels and biomass.

Survive Until a Cure Foundation – 1995 to 2003
As CEO developed comprehensive immune therapy (Applied BioLogics) for holistic physicians based on biological and botanical agents, veritable energy medicine and human cell therapy. Lobbied Congress to pass
the FDA reform act of 1998 Worked with the Dr. Klehr Institute for Cell Biology and Immunology in Munich Germany on autologous cancer vaccine; Matol, Inc in Canada on antigen infused colostrum extracts (Biomune OSF) for natural killer cell therapy. Both products are on the market.

Probex, Inc – 1990 to 1995
Contracted as CSO, qualified as small business technology partner with Los Alamos National Laboratories to develop the commercial applications of ultrasound within the petroleum and refining industry. Created US Patent 5,547,563 - Method of conversion of heavy hydrocarbon feedstock. Invited speaker at the 1995 White House Symposium on Environmental Technology
True Health, Inc - 1988 to 1990
Contracted as CSO, designed and formulated a clinical study on Nutritional Biotherapy for victims of AIDS. Study was published in the Journal of Advancement of Medicine, Vol. 3, No. 4, Winter 1990 and became the basis for a cottage industry in nutritional supplements.

Mobil Oil R&D - 1982 to 1988
Invented, patented and commercialized sand control technology that increased oil production rates from the Statfjord field in the North Sea by 100,000 barrels/day. This yielded a net revenue increase of $2 million per day.


Ph.D. 05/82 Chemical & Bimolecular Engineering University of Illinois

M.S. 05/78 Chemical Engineering Iowa State University

M.S. 05/78 Biomedical Engineering Iowa State University

B.S. 05/75 Chemical Engineering Iowa State University

Following his doctoral program, Dr. Stowe rose to the position of Senior Research Engineer at Mobil Oil R&D and generated 16 patents on oil and gas production technology. He also served as a worldwide technical consultant to Mobil E & P and their joint venture partners in critical production operations. This work established the basis for his on-going consulting business in the petroleum industry.

Dr. Stowe has spent the past 23 years working in the field of biological medicine, serving as the chief science advisor for the medical non-profit foundation Survive Until A Cure (SUAC), headquartered in Westport, CT. and the Stowe Foundation, a public healthcare charity headquartered in Fort Worth, TX. He also remained in the energy sector with a brief ownership/employment contract with Probex Corp, serving as their Engineering Manager for their oil field operations. Dr. Stowe sold his interest in Probex in 1995, which financed SUAC and later the Stowe Foundation. Since 2009 he has been serving as the Chief Science Officer for Oil Reclamation and Production Services, LLC (ORPS) where he has contributed his knowledge of the oil and gas industry and his multiple patents to ORPS to provide a royalty stream to the Stowe Foundation.

The Stowe Foundation and the Sixty Minutes Interview

Many people have requested more information about the "Sixty Minutes Interview". The Stowe Foundation has released this information and considers the topic closed until we are permitted to further discuss the status of this process. The Stowe Foundation and the Sixty Minutes Interview