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Proton Donor Marketing & HYDRATE8X

Proton Donor Marketing & HYDRATE8X

Our eventual success with marketing HYDRATE8X is going to come from some time-honored marketing principles. Jack Trout, a world class marketing strategist, highlights these in his book, The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing.  I would like everyone to read this book as it is very easy to read and drives home some powerful points.  You will probably have to go to a used book store as it was last published in 1993, but the impact it can have on our marketing strategy is profound.

In my opinion, everyone needs to start thinking of the hydrogen proton, H+, the true fuel of cellular metabolism.  HYDRATE8X is loaded with hydrogen protons.  The reason for emphasizing protons will become clear based on Jack Trout’s marketing principles.  We need to own the word proton.  HYDRATE8X and Proton need to become synonymous.

Marketing Laws

Law 1 - The Law of Leadership - It's better to be first than it is to be better.  It's much easier to get into the consumer mind first then it is to try to convince someone you have a better product than the one that did get there first.

Fact: HYDRATE8X is not the first structured water nor are we the first hydrating water. Penta was the leader, they will be tough to dislodge with a marketing strategy that says we are a better product. Penta is in the consumers mind as a structured hydrating water. That is why we are always asked to convince the consumer that our water is better. Simple example of being first, what is the name of the first person to fly the Atlantic Ocean solo? (Charles Lindbergh) What is the name of the second person to fly the Atlantic Ocean solo? (The answer is Bert Hinkler)

Our opportunity to Lead: We are the only water that is a proton donor.  We need to be first into the field. We have a rare marketing opportunity.

Law 2 - The Law of the Category - If you can't be first in a category, set up a new category you can be first in.  What is the name of the third person to fly the Atlantic Ocean Solo?  If you did not know that Burt Hinkler was second, how can you possibly know the third?  But you do. It's Amelia Earhart.  Now is Amelia Earhart known as the third person to fly the Atlantic Ocean solo or as the first women to do so?

Opportunity: create the new category of proton donor waters. We may be the third or fourth structured water but we can create the category of proton donor waters.

Law 3 - The Law of the Mind - It's better to be first in the mind of the consumer than to be first into the marketplace.  The world's first personal computer was the MITS Altair 8800.  Being first in the marketplace is important only to the extent that it allows you to get into the consumers mind first.  Thousands of would be entrepreneurs are tripped up every year by this law.  Someone has an idea or concept he or she believes will revolutionize the field, as well it may.  The problem is getting the idea or concept into the prospect's mind.  We can not waste precious time and resources on trying to win the mind of the consumer on structured water or hydrating water.  We must win the mind game on proton water.  You can not change a mind once it is made up.  Penta is already there in the consumers mind or smart water or vitamin water or mineral water.  We have a leadership position of number one in protons, H+, we have a new category let us win people's mind.

Law 4 - The Law of Perception.  Marketing is not a battle of products; it is a battle of perceptions.  Most people figure the best product wins.  Marketing people are preoccupied with doing research and "getting the facts".   They analyze the situation to make sure the truth is on their side.  They are secure in the knowledge that the best product will win.  It is an illusion.  All that exists in the minds of the consumer are his or her perceptions.  All truth is relative.  In America, the very best Japanese Car is Honda.  Toyota is second and Nissan third.  In Japan, Honda is a distant third.  Toyota sells four times as many cars in Japan as Honda.  In Japan, Honda sells motorcycles.  HYDRATE8X is in danger of being perceived as a ‘me too” structured water that hydrates the body.  This must change while we can.  We want to be known as the water that floods the body with Hydrogen Protons, H+ the true fuel of the cell.

Law 5 - The Law of Focus - The most powerful concept in marketing is owning a word in the prospect's mind.  A company can become incredibly successful if it can find a way to own a word in the mind of the prospect.  Not a complicated word.  Not an invented one.  But words taken right out of the dictionary.  Federal Express put the word "overnight" as the sole focus of its message.  We have such a word, Proton.  You "burn" your way into the mind and cause the consumer to focus on your word and concept.  The leader, see law 1, owns the word that stands for the category, law 2.  Focus wins the mind, law 3, and creates the perception, law 4.

If you give me the words computer, copier, chocolate bar and cola, the four associated words are IBM, Xerox, Hershey's and Coke. Heinz owns the word ketchup.  HYDRATE8X can own the word proton, H+, the true fuel of the cell.

Law 6 - The Law of Exclusivity.  Two Companies cannot own the same word in the prospect's mind. Volvo owns the word safety. No car company would try to challenge that perception.  In premium water, structured and clustered are shared by the category. Penta owns the word pure. Vivo clustered and EON pioneered the term structured.  We must own the word proton.

There are 16 more laws.  We can meet them all if we start now.  It is my estimate that we must start to stake out the position and importance of being a supply of protons, H+, a proton donor.  Even our rap song gets it right, H-2-oo, with the emphasis on the H.  This is what we can own and meet all the laws of marketing.  A rare opportunity.

One that will land us the ability to reformulate PowerAde for Coke. They are stuck with a “me too” sports drink based on Glucose.  The end result is Coke is chasing Gatorade (Pepsi).  Hydrogen protons, H+, are the true fuel for energy production.  We can expose Gatorade for what it is, a fraud.  That will cause Coke or any other beverage company to pay attention.  Our ability to be a proton donor changes the entire sports energy field.  It will eventually allow us to make health benefit claims.  We are a leader, not a second place contender.

I have written several position papers regarding protons and proton donors.  The science is there for everyone to review.  The truth and the evidence are all in plain view.  Now we just need to make some shifts in our marketing material to bring proton, proton donor, and H+ to the forefront. It is the heart and soul of our competitive advantage. We need to bury the competition.

I have located a source of protons, carbonic acid that can be the base for the sports energy drink.  By infusing the energy drink with protons, we will temporarily put the mitochondria into overdrive, a beautiful thing for the athlete looking for that last burst of energy and endurance. But it is protons, protons, protons. Hydration is only one part of the equation. You need to hydrate with a proton donor to get the full benefits of structured water. Health benefits flow from energy, energy flows from protons. The cells run on hydrogen fuel. HYDRATE8X is the fuel. Mother Nature no longer produces a pristine fuel, therefore we must. That is HYDRATE8X. That is our proprietary technology. We are the leader, let us take advantage of our technology and market it to perfection.  Protons-H+, stay focused and burn it into the minds of the customer. True health comes from protons.  Strength and Endurance comes from protons.  Just as God intended it thru intelligent design of the human body.  No distractions from Penta, no fooling with Dr. Lorenzen and Vivo, forget EON and Revitalized.  They are not proton donors.

Yes we are a structured, purified, hydrating performance water, but beyond the competition we are in a new category, a new generation of water and that is proton donors. When people ask how are we different, we say we are the only proton donor, we are the hydrogen fuel for the cells and the mitochondria.  The proton motive force of life.  We deliver protons.  It is our proprietary technology that creates the correct water structures, the vibration frequencies of the molecules, the purity and oxygen content of the structures, and the orbital spacing of the hydrogen protons that makes us a proton donor.  This is something only HYDRATE8X knows how to do.  Many structured waters can hydrate, but only HYDRATE8X delivers maximum protons.  Hydrogen fuel for the cells.