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The HYDRATE8X Process

Water and Performance

Creating HYDRATE8X, an Activated Proton Donor Water or 8X BevTech an Activated Proton Donor Beverage. The HYDRATE8X process is part of both Environmental Intelligence and Applied BioLogics.

Cost of Equipment $300,000

Cost to Engineer $100,000

Cost to Fabricate $100,000

  1. Make proton donor seed crystals
  2. Macro-filter the water source.
  3. Ozonate the water source.
  4. Energize, purify, and desalinate the pretreated source water
  5. Blend in the liquid seed crystals
  6. Cavitate the blended mixture using ultrasonics in the geometrically designed cavitation chamber

Steps 1 -6 produce the proton donor water called HYDRATE8X.

  1. Blend in proprietary additives to make a functional food beverage
  2. Activate the beverage with the appropriate harmonic sound frequencies.
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