The Future of Surgery and Medicine

Applied BioLogics / Regenerative Medicine

Applied BioLogics / Regenerative Medicine

The Stowe Foundation’s vision for a true National Healthcare System to end the plague of chronic illness

  1. AB/RM moves the body from a state of degeneration to a state of regeneration
  2. AB/RM restores vitality and function to critical organs, glands, tissues, and bones that have been damaged by chronic or acute inflammation caused by the PITTS Syndrome
  3. Outcome based clinical trials sponsored by the Stowe Foundation will move investigational therapy using AB/RM from the university medical school to mainstream clinical practice
  4. Regulatory approval by the FDA will move AB/RM from the fee for service category of payment to coverage by private insurance, Medicaid, and Medicare.

The top priority project for the Stowe Foundation in Applied BioLogics / Regenerative Medicine is to complete the animal studies in mice required to advance two major MS (Multiple Sclerosis) biological products into human trials.

  1. the novel exosome therapeutic created by Extracellular Concepts for MS
  2. the novel exosome vaccine created by Extracellular Concepts for MS

The two animal studies will be carried out at the Oklahoma State University College of Veterinary Medicine. One product treats MS, the other prevents MS. The total budget is $500,000.