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The Stowe Foundation and the Sixty Minutes Interview

The Stowe Foundation and the Sixty Minutes Interview

Thank you for your interest in the Stowe Foundation. As a non-profit public charity our mission is to make available to the public an understanding of the human immune system through scientifically validated principles of Regenerative Medicine.

These principles allow mechanisms of the human immune system to be accessed in a comprehensive fashion so that chronic inflammation can be properly controlled and the body moved into a healing response. Modern medicine has demonstrated that chronic inflammation is associated with many degenerative disease processes. It is our experience that when chronic inflammation is addressed, the symptoms associated with the disease process are often times mitigated.

Since public education is a fundamental purpose of the Stowe Foundation, we encourage public scrutiny of any research used in developing these principles. In doing so we would like to stress the comprehensive nature of Regenerative Medicine. The complexity of the human immune system requires a multi-tiered approach to immune therapy. This approach would integrate a variety of technologies on behalf of individualized protocols. Eliminating any one step in this process would render the system fully or partially ineffective.  Focusing on only one aspect of Regenerative Medicine, such as isolated Stem Cell Therapy, while eliminating all other aspects of the protocol, does not represent the philosophy of the Stowe Foundation in a fair or honest light.

The Stowe Foundation encourages any of you who have questions arising from the “60 Minutes” broadcast which made references to Dr. Stowe’s association with Stem Cell Therapy to consider the following additional information.

  • Isolated Stem Cell Therapy as carried out by doctors in Germany, Costa Rica, Mexico and China has never been represented by the Stowe Foundation as a cure for any disease. Stem Cell Therapy is of interest to the Stowe Foundation for the role it plays in restoring structure and function to the human body. In this sense it has become a significant part of the investigation of Regenerative Medicine.
  • The Stowe Foundation does not administer any medical treatments. Its purpose is to make recommendations pertaining to the products and procedures involved in Regenerative Medicine. These are carefully researched and are only recommended if they are legal medical therapy in the country of origin. The Stowe Foundation receives no compensation for these recommendations. Hence, allegations of financial gain are fabricated.
  • AIMSPRO, a drug often recommended by the Stowe Foundation to MS and ALS patients, has been granted orphan drug status by the FDA. Unfortunately, the drug is not legally available in the US. Thus obtaining AIMSPRO can be somewhat difficult. It is expensive, not covered by insurance and is currently distributed only in England and Australia. As a service to US citizens the Stowe Foundation assists ALS and MS patients in purchasing the drug. It should be noted that no compensation from Daval International, the distributor of AIMSPRO, has ever been received. However, allegations were made during the “60 Minutes” broadcast which refer to 100’s of 1000’s of dollars being made by the Foundation by offering false hope by making this recommendation. This allegation seems particularly ironic given the FDA’s tacit endorsement of the drug by classifying it as an orphan drug.
  • Michael Martin, who was featured in the “60 Minutes” broadcast, requested the Stowe Foundation to formulate a comprehensive program of Regenerative Medicine to address his ALS. He was informed that this program was not FDA approved. He elected to bypass the Stowe Foundation’s recommendation of a 90-day cycle of AIMSPRO. By so doing he eliminated the first step of the Stowe Foundation’s philosophy of Regenerative Medicine which is to control the inflammatory response. He instead requested a referral for isolated Stem Cell Therapy. The Stowe Foundation accommodated his request. He was first recommended to the X-Cell Clinic in Germany which has been documenting the effects of Stem Cell Therapy on ALS patients, many of whom come from the United States. Michael Martin asked for a 2nd referral and the Stowe Foundation referred him to CIMA Hospital in Costa Rica, which maintains US standards of care and is also studying the effects of Stem Cell Therapy on ALS and MS patients. Mr. Martin also rejected this referral and specifically requested a referral to Dr. Morales in Monterey, Mexico. Dr. Morales is part of the CIMA Organization and thus practices the same standards of care. Michael Martin then made arrangements with Dr. Morales to receive the Stem Cell Therapy in Monterey. This was the extent of Dr. Stowe’s relationship with Michael Martin. The Stowe Foundation has never received compensation for Stem Cell Therapy.

The Stowe Foundation appreciates every opportunity to increase public awareness regarding the principles of Regenerative Medicine and so welcomes any questions or concerns in this regard. It is our desire to serve the public through proper education. We recognize that organizations such as “60 Minutes” may take a position contrary to accomplishing this. Nonetheless, we continue to strive to provide scientifically substantiated research and information to any in need.

A second news organization, CNN and Dr. Sanjay Gupta, classified adult stem cell injections to the spine of ALS patients as a medical breakthrough.  This report was aired within two weeks of the Sixty Minutes interview which referred to stem cell therapy for ALS patients as snake oil.  The American citizen is free to believe either story.