The Stowe Foundation was incorporated by Dr. Lawrence R. Stowe to honor the memory of his mother, Edith Stowe.

Dr. Stowe’s mother had shown great strength and courage in her personal victory over pancreatic cancer and The Stowe Foundation was incorporated to gain medical acceptance and regulatory approval for the technology that saved and prolonged her life. The Stowe Foundation is also to honor Edith Stowe for the wisdom and spiritual guidance she provided in 1959 to help her son survive his own battle with osteosarcoma (bone cancer) when he was 6 years old. The Stowe Foundation is really the story of a mother and son and their journey through life. Both survived fatal forms of cancer and lived to tell their story. The Stowe Foundation is dedicated to bringing these survival techniques into mainstream medicine.

Overview of Applied BioLogics and Adult Stem Cells

Overview of Applied BioLogics and Adult Stem Cells

The combination of Applied BioLogics for comprehensive immune therapy and Adult Stem Cells for tissue and organ regeneration has the potential to create a fundamental change in the medical approach to the treatment of chronic illness and traumatic injury. The cliff notes version of Applied BioLogics is provided as a starting point for understanding the fundamental concepts of using comprehensive immune therapy to control chronic inflammation and then transplanting Adult Stem Cells to repair or regenerate the damaged body part. The Stowe Foundation recovers adult stem cells from each patient’s bone marrow using a technology that produces a point of care autologous blood product. Hence the tissue repair can be carried out in any sterile surgical suite.

Working with Dr. Luther Lindner, The Stowe Foundation has made remarkable progress with nanobacteria and several strains of blood born viruses. We have patented several species of the human blood bacteria and viruses that play a major role in chronic illness. We also control the growth medium that makes it possible to sustain a continuous colony of the harvested pathogens for scientific study. This will lead to the creation of new antibodies for diagnostic work of blood and tissue born pathogens and for the creation of new treatment methods.

From the Foundation's perspective of Applied BioLogics, we can create patient specific transfer factors to control the underlying pathogens of chronic illness using the activation and targeting of natural killer cells within the human immune system. Dr. Lindner’s microbiology lab can grow the suspect pathogens from human blood and tissue samples using proprietary culture mediums. We can then harvest enough of the pathogens to make transfer factors via the general mechanism described in the attached paper, Universal Oral Vaccine. The transfer factors are made using FDA & GMP standards via a bioreactor technique which is carried out in a separate facility.

When our comprehensive immune therapy (Applied BioLogics) is combined with adult stem cells for tissue regeneration and organ rejuvenation, we have a comprehensive methodology for treating any chronic illness. The Stowe Foundation and our technology partner, Harvest Technology, are working with surgeons throughout Europe and South America on regenerating the Heart, Pancreas, Liver and Lungs using adult stem cells that can be harvested from human bone marrow. The FDA has determined that the bone marrow concentrate is an autologous blood product and the Harvest Technology medical device can be used in the US as a source of human cell therapy in orthopedic applications. The Stowe Foundation is sponsoring several international studies to extend the use of adult stem cell therapy to other conditions, such as; chronic heart failure, diabetes, MS, emphysema and cirrhosis of the liver.

The organs under study in South America and Europe fail as the result of the infections and the toxins that assault the human body. Poor nutrition, physical and emotional trauma, plus stress cause the body to lose regulation of the inflammatory response of the immune system. Chronic illnesses of all types are associated with inflammation, which was featured in a cover Time Magazine as The Silent Killer. The Stowe Foundation sees chronic inflammation as the PITTS Syndrome.

The Stowe Foundation has simply created a method for reversing the PITTS Syndrome and restoring a functional immune system. The immune system is the source of chronic inflammation. Fortunately, immune therapy is also the means to naturally control chronic inflammation. We call comprehensive immune therapy, Applied BioLogics. Once the PIITS Syndrome is reversed, using the concepts behind Applied BioLogics, new healthy tissue can be grown using adult stem cells. Each facet of the program has been clinically tested for safety and efficacy. The Stowe Foundation is now conducting an international series of outcome based studies to confirm the therapeutic benefits of adult stem cells and is providing comprehensive immune therapy in the US through Stowe BioTherapy, Inc.

Oil Reclamation and Production Services [ORPS]

Ushering in 21st century, environmentally responsible oil recovery practices.

The ORPS proprietary Ultrasonic Green Process converts sludge and all other forms of emulsified oil into marketable crude oil, pure water, and toxic free solids. A truly disruptive technology for the oil and gas industry.

The pivotal distinction in the ORPS Ultrasonic Green Process is the elimination of the surface tension that holds oil and water emulsions together. When solids are present, the cohesive forces that trap solids within the matrix are also eliminated. The proprietary and patented sonic technology makes the destruction of the surface tension happen in a continuous flow stream and at very safe operating temperatures and pressures.

This one characteristic creates a physical environment within the oil‐water‐solids matrix where molecular attraction is reduced and the oil, water, and solids can easily separate by gravity or centrifugal force. This is the key to the very high flow rates through high speed, off the shelf, separation equipment.

Ultrasonic cavitation creates high temperatures and pressures that are the keys to achieving real time chemical reaction rates. Cavitation can produce temperatures as high as those on the surface of the sun and pressures as great as those at the bottom of the ocean.

By chemically encapsulating aromatic rings and adding energy via ultrasound, the Ultrasonic Green Process neutralizes carcinogenic and hazardous compounds commonly found in the oil and gas industry.  Environmental concerns and hazardous disposal issues are thereby simultaneously addressed.

GREEN TECHNOLOGY for Oil Reclamation and Water Purification

GREEN TECHNOLOGY for Oil Reclamation and Water Purification

The Stowe Foundation’s GREEN TECHNOLOGY for oil reclamation and water purification will solve one of the most significant problems facing the hydrocarbon industry today---the environmental waste disposal problems associated with the tanker bottom sludge from very large crude carriers, slop oil created at the wellhead and within refinery operations, plus the remediation of contaminated pipeline crude oil generated during transportation and storage.  The disposal of the waste oil streams represent a negative value to the oil and gas industry plus the hazardous BS&W trapped in the waste oil poses a significant threat to the environment and to human health.

Plastic bottles and garbage floating on fuel oil contaminated ocean water

The GREEN TECHNOLOGY process eliminates the hazardous waste material in the effluent streams to well below EPA limits and simultaneously recovers all of the market value of the oil.  The entire process can be operated at a profit, which is a rare aspect in the protection of the environment. The three products that exit the GREEN TECHNOLOGY system are refinery quality crude oil, clean water and non-hazardous sediments. The crude oil is easily sold to the market, the water can be recycled to oil field operations and the sediments sent to a municipal land fill.